Manifest Held Basic Journalistic School

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PSIKnews – Sunday (17/11) LPM (Lembaga Pers Mahasiswa/ Student Press Body) ManifesT Faculty of Law held SJD (Sekolah Jurnalistik Dasa/ Basic Journalistic School) which consists of two series of activities, the indoor activity dated November 8th 2013 located in Building A VI. 1 of Faculty of Law UB. The outdoor activity conducted for two days during 16-17 November 2013, located at the Kondang Merak Beach, South Malang.

SJD (Sekolah Jurnalistik Dasa/ Basic Journalistic School) is a program of education and training by LPM ManifesT in order to develop new members or Manifestor 2013. SJD Indoor activity emphasized on understanding the knowledge related to the history of journalism started from the student movement,  the history of the student press, reporting and writing techniques with lead writing workshop, followed by layouting techniques, ending with photographic techniques directly from experts of Radar Malang. For SJD Outdoor activity, emphasized on the field practice and an advance understanding of journalism which is packed with outdoor nuance as well as established sense of togetherness among Manifestor. (nur)