LSO Fair, the Semi-Autonomous Institute for Demonstration and Regeneration

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              Several days ago, several semi-autonomous institutions in UB’s Law Faculty participated in the “LSO Fair” held from November 1-2. The activity was carried out under the auspices of Student Executive Board Faculty of Law Brawijaya University in Malang, the chairman is Rizki Firmansyah. This activity is chaired by Samuel who is one of the crew members of the ship that has been dinahkodai by Rizki Firmansyah.

This activity was followed by several semi-autonomous institutions in the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University, like a LSO Basket, LSO Volly, LSO Futsal, LSO Baswara, LSO Homeband, and LSO Justicia Choir. unfortunately when the day of the implementation of some LSO unable to open the booth in the lobby of the building B, because there is preparation for other agenda. “Baskara participated in this event, but as we were preparing for the Festival of Dance Festival, we were unable to attend and open a booth at the B building lobby on the day of LSO Fair, but we have distributed posters through our member group group and our instagram”, Basoni as LSO Baswara publicist. The same is also said by Nadya who is the publicist of LSO Basket “We are invited and actually very excited with this activity, which can regenerate older siblings who have started to retire this, but due to the execution time also crashes with Justicia Olympic which is a sports event largest in our faculty, so we focus more on the event, “Nadya said.

Although not all semi-autonomous institutions participated in this activity, the LSO Fair remains a venue for semi-autonomous institutions to be more acknowledged and recognized by the public at UB’s Faculty of Law, especially for New Students entering the Faculty of Law alone. [NBL/Public Relation]