(Indonesia) Pembukaan Pendaftaran Anggota baru Lembaga Otonom FH 2014

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Viva Justicia!!!!!!!! Law students throughout Indonesia!

Faculty of Law Brawijaya University once again held the annual event ,pening a new registration LO (organization for interest and talent in order to welcome new students in Faculty of Law. This event aims to introduce them on campus organization of law school.

And those organization was, the Student Executive Board (BEM), Asian Law Student Association (ALSA) Local Chapter Brawijaya University, Student Press Agency “Manifest”, the Forum of Islamic Studies (FORSA), Legal Research Assessment Forum (FKPH), Faculty of Law Student Forum (FORMAH PK), Law English Study Club (LESC), Theatre “Kertas”.

The event was held in the lobby of Building B of law school by the lasts two days, starting on May 1-3 October 2014.

The event was introduced to the students, especially new to plunge into college life, student activities on campus that will eventually be adding a wealth of academic and practical knowledge and experience that is useful later.

Later students will choose the new organization that match their interests and talents. Target opening ceremony of the new member was not only to new students in 2014, but also for the old students of year of 2013, and the force in 2012.

Those organization was:

• Student Executive Board (BEM) is a student organization that is in charge of coordinating all student organizations among all of  student in the faculty. Board sovereignty BEM FH UB students continually strive to develop student leadership potential. BEM FH UB in welcoming new students is held recruitment of new members will be held to training for reanating  soul of leadership training.

The choice is Advocacy and Welfare Ministry Students (ADVOKESMA), Youth and Sports (Pora), Public Policy (KP), Empowerment and Student Resources (HRD), Social Society (SOSMA), Public Relations (PR).

• ALSA is an organization formed by a group of students from ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore. The autonomous institutions that promote understanding and better appreciation of the differences in the legal systems in each country, but also to promote brotherhood among the students and facilitate the exchange of information and case law is the aim of ALSA.

“We welcome the new students to join in ALSA, we expect applicants is increasing. Because in ALSA will be taught a variety of science that will be very helpful “said a member of ALSA.

• Student Press Agency “manifest”

Institutions engaged in journalism education for students. LPM organization “manifest” campus bulletin periodically publishes the results of the investigation both inside and outside the college campus.

• Forum of Islamic Studies (FORSA)

Forsa is an autonomous institution established to conduct Islamic activities, and aims to add a strong interwoven among fellow Moslems. Besides holding Islamic religious education, FORSA also held a memorial the great days of Islam, as well as holding discussions on legal issues in the community.

• Studies and Legal Research Forum (FKPH) is a forum for law students to do the assessment and development of scientific research in law. This forum will invite students to discuss the issues surrounding the law.

Activities that are routinely performed following competitions writing scientific papers at national level. Almost every year this forum won various competitions.

• Students Care for Justice Forum (FORMAH PK) is a student forum which focuses on advocacy and legal assistance to the community. Through Formah PK, students are encouraged to be critical of the legal issues that occur in the community.

Law study English Club (LESC) is the organization founded by students to improve their proficiency in English language proficiency in the field of law. The activities carried out is through study and discussion groups. This organization’s ability to accommodate and linked students to be creative and express themselves in English.

• Theatre “Kertas” is an organization to accommodate students who engaged in the field of acting. Regular agenda are held periodically perform theater. The staging is done with regards to the theme of the legal, social, cultural and others.

In accordance with the mission of the Faculty of law, namely Conducting legal education and legal reasoning to develop professional skills, legal research, and community service based on education and research.

Faculty of Law continues in its efforts to develop the students’ ability to produce legal scholars who will benefit society at large. One of these ways is to form a student organization containers which will hone the professional skills of law students nationally and internationally.