LBH APIK & Law Faculty : Public Discussions concerning Familial Court

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PSIKnews – Numbers of divorce-resulting domestic violence are increasing from year to year. Based on the report in courtesy of Religious Court Agency, in 2010 the numbers of divorce reached no less than 284.379 and made an increase in 2011 to 314.967. From these numbers, divorces were resulted from domestic violence, where the victims tend to settle the marriage without arising the domestic violence issue.

This condition further arises concern within the legal experts, which one of them is LBH APIK. In cooperation with Law Faculty of Brawijaya University, LBH APIK held public discussion concerning the importance of integrated Familial Court. Said public discussion was held in A Building’s Auditorium several days ago and it was segmented into two sessions.

In the first session, materials were delivered by Asnifriyanti Damanik (LBH APIK Associate) concerning the construction of integrated familial court system on familial dispute settlement in Indonesia. Within its first session, team of Law Faculty explains the existence of familial court within the context of court reformation in Indonesia. And in the second session, the materials were related to the application of familial court using the chamber system, opportunity and challenge (delivered by Mukti Arto, Religion High Court, Ambon) and fact related woman’s access to justice in two court systems (delivered by Dian Mutiara).

Within the scope of discussion, the Familial Court is prospected to emerge and accommodates the needs of society, mainly woman as the victiom of domestic violence. Familial Court body will soon be a synergy between criminal and civil court systems and has extended authority as the need. (alfa)