Guest Lecture: “Legal Aspects of Go Public in Indonesian Capital Market”

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Faculty of Law, UB held a guest lecture with the theme of “Legal Aspects of Go Public in Indonesian Capital Market” on Friday (22/9) which is located in auditorium room of Faculty of Law Lt.6. The event was spearheaded by the Chairman of the Association of Capital Market Legal Consultants who presented the speakers Mr. Indra Safitri, S.H., M.M. while also attended by several lecturers and students of the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University of Malang.

He expressed his appreciation to the organizing committee about the selection of themes that are very appropriate to be discussed at this time. Due to the discussion on capital market law in terms of public offering or referred to as “Public Offering” which is the agenda of securities offering activities conducted by Issuers to sell Securities to the public that is usually done in the primary market, so that required registration statement through physical documents which must be submitted to the Capital Market Supervisory Agency by the Issuer in the framework of Public Offering or Public Company, so that OJK may participate in ensuring all provisions concerning Registration Statement have been fulfilled.

OJK in its statement shall not be responsible for the accuracy of information from the Registration Statement document. The Public Offering Document includes several documents including:

  1. Underwriting Agreement
  2. Trustee Agreement
  3. Insurance Agreement
  4. Preliminary Agreement with one or more Stock Exchanges (if it will be listed on the Stock Exchange)

Legal Aspects of IPO consist of:

  1. Legal Aspects of Limited Liability Company
  2. Legal Aspect of PT Terbuka (Tbk)
  3. Legal Aspect of Public Offering
  4. Legal Aspect of Emission Underwriting Agreement
  5. Legal Aspects of Information Disclosure

Information obtained other than OJK requests deemed necessary in the review and retrieval, the registration statement may be announced to the public without prejudice to the interests of the Issuer or any other Person authorized in the Public Offering process. [Fhm]