“The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court certainly arrived at UB on 14 October 2014.”

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There will b  Dr. Hamdan Zoelva, S.H., M.H. His arrival to fill National Constitutional Seminar Festival 2014 that is the culmination of Constitutional Law  Festival 2014 The national law seminar theme is “Dissecting Problems of Law Enforcement Constitution: Opportunities and Challenges for the Future Indonesian Constitutional Court”.

Constitutional law Festival 2014 is an annual event organized by Forum Legal Studies and Research Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya which will be conducted at  15-17 October 2014.

In addition to this national law seminar speakers will be presenting the judges of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia, is expected also by the National Law Seminar participants can absorb useful knowledge, analyzing problems of law enforcement constitution, and able to understand the opportunities and challenges in achieving the Konstitutsi Court of constitutional law in Indonesia. National Law Seminar will be held in the Brawijaya University.