In the period of 2012 there were six (6) areas of activities followed by students of Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya. There activities include Reasoning, Sports, Arts and Cultures, Religious, Coaching, and Community Services. For Reasoning field, there are 25 (twenty five) activities carried out by the students, inside and outside of University Brawijaya within March-November 2012 period. Overall activities performed by student of the Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya are 73 (seventy three) activities in 2012.


To enhance the student perception as well as realize the vision and missions of University of Brawijaya, the students of Faculty of Law involved in the various activities that are 15 (fifteen) non-competition activities held by the State Universities (University of Gadjah Mada, University of Indonesia, University of Hasanuddin, University of Padjadjaran, University of Sriwijaya, University of Lambung Mangkurat, and University of Udayana) and foreign universities (National University of SIngapore). Activities include seminars, national training of character development, simulation session of the United Nations (Model United Nations) and national meetings of student organizations. All activities are carried out in the range from March to December 2012.

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