ISC Held “Mawapres Talkshow 2015”

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Malang (03/04/2015) Taking place on the 6th Floor Auditorium A FHUB, Islamic Study Club held a Talkshow Mawapres 2015 which was attended by around 60 students from various faculties. This activity is an opportunity for sharing and motivation of the students by Mawapres to fellow colleagues. Djairan, the ISC CEO explained that this talkshow is divided into two (2) sessions, namely Talkshow Mawapres, and Talkshow Aksi Insipratif, he added that this activity is an activity that is open to the public so that the students outside law students are allowed to participate.

In the first session, guests were presenting was Prischa listiningrum, S.H which is Mawapres 1st of UB 2011 and Elis Siti Toyibah which was the Mawapres of Faculty of Agriculture, 2013. They share tips and tricks about how to become Mawapres. Elis Siti Toyibah explained that to become a Mawapres, things that required are 10% inspiration and 90% willingness, “in the absence of a willingness, no matter how smart we are, we will never be able to be great” said Ellis. Besides that Mrs. Prischa notices to peer to peer students to improve the English language, “I am preparing myself since 2 years ago in order to be successful in following the IELTS test” she added. Currently Mrs.Prischa is LPDP awardee and will continue her master’s education in the UK.

The next series of activities is ISC awards, this event is a form of an award given by the ISC to its members who considered the most active and the most widely contribute both academically and organizationally. The awards are ranging from; Best GPA, Best Student Tentor, and most critical student award.


The next Activities is Talkshow Aksi Insipratif by presenting a student who is very experienced in the field, they are; Agung honesta, SH who is the former director of FKPH as well as former of IMYOUTH 2014, Reza Adi Pratama the President of Student Executive 2015 and Ahmad Hadi Faqih Syaikhu, S.P, the representative of DPM UB 2014. Djairan as ISC’s CEO said, that this is a concrete manifestation and devotion of ISC to the Faculty as well as to the University.