Administrative Law Concentration Students Association Holds Talkshow

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De Hans (Administrative Law Concentration Students Association) today (29/4) held Takshow HANS DE SUMMER FEST 2014. Theme of this talk show is the Importance of Preparation Before Being FRESH GRADUATE Students in the Era of Globalization. Speakers presented in this event is Unggul Abinowo (owner bakpao telo) as keynote speak. In his explanation Unggul tells the story of his business success in managing bakpao telo. Alumni of UB student told the reason for choosing a business bakpao telo.

In addition, there were also speakers Faizal suplus MBA that gives the material speak about motivation. Delivered in the event that students status is different with student at university. Being a student at university means a person is considered to have mature, independent, and able to be responsible for himself. So that understanding, is able to meet the needs of independent means minimum requirement itself. “As a student, college they should already be free from dependence on parents fund” he added.

Not only the successfully speaker presented in this event. To add to the festive event was presented in the form of live acoustic entertainment and stand-up comedy. Guest start attending the event is a holiday alley, Assmerry Asckicket, WBC, and Home Band of UB’s Faculty of Law, as well as stand-up comedy Stone. (tan)