Formah PK Held Public Hearing

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Malang (1/5/2015) To welcome the international Labor Day on May 1st, a group of student who cares upon justice (Formah PK) Faculty of Law UB held a public hearing with the theme “Sinergitas Serikat Buruh dan Disnaker Dalam Penyelesaian Perselisihan Hubungan Industrial”.

The discussion was attended by practitioners, academics, and representatives of institutions. from practitioners, the committee brought together representatives of the Labour Union of Indonesia (SPBI), whereas in academic, there is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Mr. Budi Santoso, and representatives of the institutions presented; Drs. Kasiyadi and Heri Suprapto each from the Department of Labor and Transmigration of  Malang.

The committee explained that the core of this activity is to provide socialization that the actual labor-related issues could be resolved in a spirit of synergy without having to hold protests in the streets. The discussion was very interesting, as seen from the enthusiasm of the audience. Representatives of SPBI explained that the labor movement has actually been going on since a long time, even in the era of the new order, but the labor movement is to lead to political interests, then the era after the reform movement there are the labor movement who really fight for the interests of the workers, one of which SPBI , and May 1st, better known as Mayday used by the workers as a momentum to show their existence.

Today, especially in Indonesia, chaotic concerning the welfare of workers is becoming a hot issues to talk about, in respond to this, academician of FH UB, Budi Santoso, explained that the working relationship between workers and employers is not only economic interest, but also social interests, He added that the role of the State is required to balance the bargaining-position of workers against the employers, one of them by making a minimum wage standards that aim is to protect the workers.

Meanwhile, Drs. Kasiyadi of Disnakertrans Malang, explained that the commemoration of Labor Day on May 1st, is already exist in the Law No. 1 of 1951, but at that time could not be implemented due to various reasons. However, since 2 years ago (2013) the government officially recognize the labour day on May 1st. He added that the current problems that occur in the case of labor is in the realm of the general courts, this happens because a few years ago there is a protest from workers’ representation requesting that the disputes happens in a labor must be resolved in the public court and not in Disnakertrans, and the government granted the workers’ request, so today if there is any conflict within workers, then the dispute must be brought to the general court.