FHUB’s Students Won 1st Place at SCSD Sharia Economic Learning Forum XII at Udayana University Bali

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The struggle 3 (three) FHUB’s students by following Sharia Economic activity Learning Forum ended up in victory, the delegates from FHUB successfully won the title of “Best Paper 1st” on the event.  The activity titled “Student Conference on Sustainable Development (SCSD) Sharia Economic Forum XII Learning”  was organized by the University of Udayana Bali, on 30 April to 1 May last week.

Those three students are; Andi Tanaka (2012), Rista Choirun (2013), and Muhammad Abdul Hafid (2013). Their paper entitled “Pembaharuan Sistem tata kelola migas melalui three elements of legal systems; upaya progresif pemberntasan korupsi di indonesia” managed to amaze the jury. One of the delegates, Rista, explaining that their team has only 1 week to prepare ideas and full paper, “We only have 1-2 weeks to draw up ideas and making full-paper, so this is something that is very impressive when we won the title as the Best Paper “said Rista. She added that during the preparation of the paper, the team were guided by a lecturer and expert on constitutional law of FHUB, Dr. Indah Dwi Qurbani, SH, MH.

In regards with the mechanism of competition, there are about 35 teams from various universities throughout Indonesia who took part in this activity, then of 35 teams divided into 5 chamber, so that practically each chamber consists of 7 teams. Each of the 5 chamber represents a different branch of science, namely; Marine, Law, Tourism, Creative Industries and Agro complex. Delegation of FHUB itself incorporated in the chamber of Law.

During the preliminary round in each chamber, the team of FHUB managed to become the best team in the Law chamber, so the delegate has the right to advance to the final round consisting of five teams that are the winners of each chamber. In the final round again and again, the team of FHUB won the highest points of the jury thus entitled to the title of Best Paper 1st.