FHUB Student Got 1st Winner in Paper Competition EVEREST 2015

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Malang (05/19/2015), May 2015 is a month full of achievements for FHUB’s students, after last week FHUB delegation became 1st champion on the paper competition in Bali, this time a delegation from FHUB once again managed to show his capacity as a top-tier university in Indonesia by winning the  2015 EVEREST competition held by the University of North Sumatra. EVEREST is stands for Events of Young Researcher and Economic Student is an annual agenda of the Prody of Economic Development, Faculty of Economics, University of North Sumatra, Medan, which took place on 7-10 May 2015.

In total, there are 3 teams FHUB the delegation of each consisting of 3 students for a total of 9 students delegation from FHUB, the three teams is a small part of the total of 35 teams who took part in the event from all over Indonesia. The presentation activities carried out by 35 teams take place in the Hall of the Faculty of Economics USU on 8 May 2015. After the fight and give the best presentation possible, eventually appearing as the 1st winner is a team of FHUB with members of the group; M. Fathoni (2013), M. Fikri Alan (2012) and Sekarsih (2014). M. Fikri Alan who is a member of the group explained that their theme entitled Rekonstruksi Pengelolaan Sektor Hilir Migas Berbasis Intelektual Potential of Platinum Generatin (IPPG)”. with supervisor Dr. Indah Dwi Qurbani, S.H, M.H who is a law expert in FHUB.

M. Fikri Alan explained that they are very proud to present a pride for the faculty, he added that the presentsi session, particularly in the question and answer session, there were several questions from the jury, “There were some questions asked by the jury, which were related to the extent to which Our idea can be implemented, but thank God we can answer all these questions ” he added. He asserted that their teams deserve to be champions because of the originality of the idea that they offer. He advised other peer to peer students to keep writing “We are commanded to peer to peer students to keep writing, the important thing is when we follow a competition, we should not be based on the orientation of victory, Mr. Fadli who is a lecturer and expert of HTN ever told us that the problem is not about win or lose, the most important thing is that we have to devote ideas and our ideas for this nation “he added. (Kr)