In Commemoration of 71st World Human Rights Day

In Commemoration of 71st World Human Rights Day, FHUB Center for Human Rights and Democracy Development Holds Academic Festival Commemorating 71st World Human Rights Day “Debating the Future of Human Rights” at LT 6 Building A FHUB, (2-6 December 2019).

 The academic festival consists of a colloquium series, which takes place in Courtroom 1 6th floor Building A FHUB (Monday, 2 December 2019). Discuss the reconstruction of the concept of freedom of religion or belief (KBB) in Indonesia, then continued with radicalism, extremism and terrorism based on international law.

Next day 3 December 2019 discussed the questioning of agrarian reform and the recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples in the perspective of human rights, as well as the problems and solutions for the protection, respect and promotion of human rights of vulnerable groups: women, persons with disabilities, refugees and indigenous peoples.

Next 4 December 2019 discusses about Indonesia and past human rights violations: normative and political studies, and the future of fulfilling human rights in business in Indonesia.

On December 5, 2019, discussed the eradication of corruption as a protection of human rights and a human rights approach in the peaceful resolution of the Papua problem.

On December 6, 2019, the event ended with a national seminar at Auditorium LT 6 Building A FHUB. The event was moderated by Muktiono SH, M.Phil as FHUB academics also present as guest speaker Benny Susetyo as a special staff chairperson of the BPIP steering committee delivering material on Pancasila and Human Rights looking for an ideal relationship format, Imam Prihandono SH, LL.M., Ph.D as UNAIR Faculty of Law lecturer delivered material on the legal protection of economic and social rights in the business world, Dr. Mohamad Anas, S., Fil.l., M. Phil as an Academic FISIP UB provides material on the position and role of religious institutions towards human rights in the digital community, then Arief Setiawan S.IP., M.PS As an Academic FISIP UB provides material regarding the constellation of global politics and its influence on strengthening human rights at the local level.

On the last day, the event also consisted of a photo exhibition with the theme of human rights conditions today, organized by PSIK FHUB in collaboration with Manifest FHUB. (AZL)