FHUB Debaters Taking Part in Padjajaran Law Fair 2015

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Bandung (04/19/2015), a total 3 FHUB students took part in the event of Padjadjaran Law Fair 2015. This event was organized by BEM Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran, Bandung. This activity takes place from 18 to 20 April 2014. The delegates from FHUB are; Siti Habiba (2014) as the first speaker, Kristiyanto (2013) as the second speaker and Gina Sabrina (2013) as the third speaker. In addition to these three, the delegation was also accompanied by an official and a supervisor which makes up 5 (five) in total.

The series of activities Padjadjaran Law Fair 2015 consists of a Constitutional Drafting competition, Law-Debate University, and High School Debate. FHUB team also send the file to the Constitutional Drafting competition, but unfortunately did not pass the selection process.

The mechanism for the University Debate competition, there are 32 universities that took part were then divided into 8 chamber, so that for each chamber consists of 4 universities. The team of FHUB got into the 2nd chamber along with USU, UNHAS and UNLAM. Of those 4 teams will only be taken one with the highest score to qualify for the top 8, but unfortunately the delegation of FHUB not get a chance to qualify for the next round. “We have tried as much as possible, but reality speaks different” said Kristiyanto, who plays as a second speaker in the team. “After this we will train harder in order to be able to offer the best for Brawijaya” he added.

Padjadjaran law Fair University Debate Competition in the end won by a delegation from the University of Diponegoro as the first champion and UPH as the second winner. As for the Constitutional Drafting contest, first prize was won by a delegation from the University Indonesia as the first winner, and second place goes to the University of Hassanudin Makassar.