Andalas University Visits The Faculty of Law

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Thursday (15/10/2015) Faculty of Law UB received a visit from the Faculty of Law, University of Andalas. The group was received by the Dean, Dr. Rachmat Safaat, SH, MSi. and Vice Dean and Head of Departments in the Building A. The visit was conducted in connection with Andalas University’s effort to improve the quality of governance and administrative services.
The comparative study was followed by nine (9) participants, consisting of 1 (one) leader, Dr. Busyra Azheri, SH. MH. (Vice Dean II FH Unand) and 8 (eight) staffs (Head of Administration, Head of Subdivision of Academic and Student Affairs and staff, as well as the Head of General & Finance and staff). During the meeting, the group leader explained, the purpose of this visit is to increase the knowledge, experience and insight into the governance of good administration, to obtain a comparison of governance that have been applied, to determine data management and document preparation of the accreditation forms, to determine governance information system, knowing the management of student activities, as well as to establish a relationship and rapport with the Faculty of Law of the University of Brawijaya.
Dean of FH UB gave his welcome and thank you for this visit, and hope that through this visit can provide benefits for both parties, as well as strengthen the relationship between Faculty of Law Brawijaya University and Faculty of Law, University of Andalas.