Public High School 1 Jombang and Public High School 1 Bogor Visit Faculty of Law

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Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University received a visit from high school students from Public High School 1 Jombang and Public High School 1 Bogor on Thursday and Friday (29th and 30th October, 2015). The group was received by the Board of Dean and Head of Department at the Auditorium of the faculty.

The delegation of Public High School 1 Jombang consisted of 85 students majoring in social studies class accompanied by 5 teachers. Mr.  Zaidun, a teacher assistant, explained that the purpose of the campus tour is to get information about the university so that students will be able to determine the university that they could choose later on. In addition, to get an initial picture of the campus atmosphere and determine the means of lectures in UB.

While the group of Public High School 1 Bogor consisted of 20 students and 4 teachers. Mrs. Rina, one of the accompanying teachers expressed that the purpose of their visit other than to stay in touch with the Faculty of Law is to add insight and knowledge of students in the establishment of career choosing majors and courses in the University.