FH UB Student Participate in AYLA 2015 in Phillipines

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M. Choirul Hidayat (2013) participating on the event of ASEAN Youth Leaders’ Association in Phillipines. Under the theme ASEAN Info-Cultural Exposure Camp 2015, the event was aimed to booster Unification, Fostering ASEAN Community Diversity  in Advancing for a Common Goal. The AYLA 2015 conference was held at  4 to 6 July in Caliray Resort Club, Manilla, this event was participated by over 70 participants from all over Asean member countries.

Choirul explained that in joining this event, there was a selection process that he must going through. He said that the selection was done online on the internet, and only those will get email notifications who will eligible to participate on the event. There was lots of benefit he gained from this event such as, how the role of ASEAN youth in welcoming the Asean Economic Community that will be started throughout Asean countries beginning later this year, he said that Asean Economic Community is a platform that could be utilize to promote indonesia’s culture as well as enhancing networking through out Asean member countries.

Choirul Hidayat is highly recommending such international events for his peer to peer students, he said that by joining in such event, there will be many benefit that could be cultivated, such as new friends, new network, and ultimately gaining new experience that will eventually very beneficial for the future careers of the law student.