FH Student Participate in AUSA 2015 in Thailand

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Gina Sabrina, the Faculty of Law student batch of 2013 participated in the 2015 ASEAN University Student Assembly held by Chulalongkorn Universuty in cooperation with Thammasat University in Bangkok on April 5 to 12. Gina Sabrina is the only delegate from UB, she explained that there were several other students from all over Indonesia who participate in the event. She added that the event was attended by all students of the ASEAN region.

While in Bangkok, the delegates from all countries undergoing a series of activities consisting of workshops, lecturing, group discussions, brainstorming and presentation. “I joined in the discussion on the problem of corruption in lecturing session”  she added firmly.

In these activities, the committee invited distinguished speakers who are experts in their respective fields. During the presentation session, Gina Sabrina take the theme “Revising the Historical Textbooks and Education system is Important in Solving Both Economical Problems and Discrimination among ASEAN Members”.

She added by following international events like this she really gain valuable experience. “I made literacy to all the problems that exist in the scope of ASEAN and problems that exist in each member country, I’m sure if ASEAN with all the resources and capabilities that they had , they could got a great opportunity to compete in the international arena”, she concluded.