Center for Agrarian Law Studies Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University holds “Oration and Discussion Book”

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You are currently viewing Center for Agrarian Law Studies Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University holds “Oration and Discussion Book”

Wednesday (6/12/17) – Located in Post Graduate Building of Law Faculty Universitas Brawijaya, an activity called “Oration and Discussion Book” held in cooperation between Law Study Center of Law Faculty of Law Brawijaya University (PSHA-FHUB) with Sajogyo Institute , Intrans Istitute, CCAFS, Malang Corruption Watch, FNKSDA, Kristen Hijau and

With the theme “Behind the Ecosystem Crisis: The Role of Discourse, Politics, Actors and Networks” This discussion was started by several speakers as a lighter discussion that is Dr. Rachmat Syafa’at, S.H, M.Si (Dean of FHUB), Prof. Dr. Moh. Bakrie, S.H., MS. (Lecturer of Agrarian Law), Dr. Imam Kuswahyono, S.H., M.H (FHUB Lecturer), Eko Cahyono, MS. (Director of Sajogyo Institute), and Graha Nagara, MPH. (Auriga).

This activity was attended by various backgrounds of education level in the Faculty of Law, both from the Bachelor’s program to the Master’s program which is studying in this law faculty. The activities took place with solemnity, the enthusiasm of the discussion participants was very high. Can be seen on that day because so high number of participants who want to join so some participants who present later, there must be patient waiting outside the room until there are other participants who leave the discussion room.

This activity is a manifestation of PSAH FHUB commitment to socialize issues related to Agrarian Law as well as raising awareness and awareness of academics and even the wider community to contribute in an effort to maintain the balance of the environment. Quoted from the presentation of Prof. Bakrie “We must always try to make people aware that this environment is the responsibility together, so there needs to be a good cooperation between all parties who have interests and responsibilities in an effort to face ecosystem crisis exist throughout the territory of Indonesia. [Afd / Humas]