PEMILWA 2017 Faculty of Law, UB

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017, only one month after the UB Student Selection (PEMIRA), followed by an advanced democracy party conducted by every faculty known as the Regional Student Election. Not much different from the concept of PEMIRA UB, conducted in PEMILWA is also basically an election of Legislative and Executive leadership of the institutional system of students in each faculty. In Brawijaya University, especially in the Faculty of Law, the legislature is known as the Student Representative Council (DPM), while the executive body is known as the Student Executive Board (BEM).

This election is carried out by a body called the Student Electoral Commission (KPM), which is an ad hoc commission established by the DPM to organize the election of both the President and Vice President of BEM as well as the Council which will hold positions in the DPM. [Afd/Humas]