Amanda’s Impression While Joining the IISMA Program at Sapienza University of Rome

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Amanda Deandra Richka, a student at Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya | Photo: Amanda

Ciao, nice to meet you! My name is Amanda Deandra Richka, a student from the Faculty of Law at Universitas Brawijaya year 2020. During my fifth semester, I was given the incredible opportunity to study in the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy at Sapienza University of Rome in Italy thanks to the IISMA (Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards) program, sponsored by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. I spent four and a half months in Rome, during which I made use of my time with gaining knowledge about Italian culture and the history of Ancient Rome, and also learned insightful courses about gender economics, global humanities, and politics in performing arts. As a law student, these courses provided valuable new perspectives in viewing legal issues, making my experience even more rewarding. Outside of academia, I love to visit or have a casual stroll around the historical monuments in Rome as there are lots of it scattered all around the city.

The time I spent abroad has been broadening my outlook and understanding the world from different angles. I believe the knowledge and insights gained during my IISMA journey will greatly benefit my future endeavors back home in Indonesia. Having the chance to represent not only Universitas Brawijaya but also our faculty on an international level is a tremendous honor, and I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences granted to me through the IISMA program.

Author: Amanda Deandra Richka