Najmul’s Dissertation: The Role of Reconstruction Governor Settings

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Based on the existing role of the governor settings for this, then Najmul Akhyar appoint a dissertation entitled “The Role of the Governor in setting Reconstruction of Regional Government System in Indonesia” which is discussed in the dissertation examination open on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

Located on the 6th floor Auditorium of A Building UB Faculty of Law, hearing the final dissertation examination conducted by the board of examiners consisting of Prof. Dr. Sudarsono, S.H., M.S., Prof. Dr. Isrok, S.H., M.S., Dr. Rachmat Syafaat, SH., M.Si, Dr. Moh. Ridwan, SH., MS., Prof. Dr. H. Suko Wiyono, SH., MH. Prof. Dr. Gatot Dwi Hendro W.,SH., MHum., Prof. Dr. H.M. Galang Asmara, SH., Hum. (tan)