Lahmuddin Zuhri's Dissertation : Transformation Values of Local Wisdom Krik Slamat Sumbawa Community in Efforts to Establish Local Regulations Sumbawa about Lar Management Conflict Resolution

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Dissertation entitled “Transformation values Local Wisdom Krik Slamat sumbawa community in its efforts to establish Sumbawa District Regulation on conflict resolution lar management.” was discussed on Wednesday,
November 12th, 2014 by Lahmuddin Zuhri, S.H., M.Hum. Located at 6th Floor Auditorium A Building Auditorium Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya, trial dissertation final exam conducted by a board of examiners consisting of Prof. Dr Sudarsono, S.H., M.S, Dr. Rachmat Intercession, SH., M.Si, Dr. Sihabuddin, SH, MH, Prof. Masruchin Rubai SH MS, Prof. Dr Thohir Luth MA, Prof. Dr. Isrok SH, MS, Prof. Dr. Drs. Syaifuddin Iskandar.

Open Examination Dissertation attended by Prof. Dr. Drs. Syaifuddin Iskandar Rector of the University of Samawa Sumbawa Besar as well as the board of examiners, and was attended by the mother and the father, mother-in-law, and family, and colleagues.

He raised about conflict resolution lar management sumbawa 2008, Islamic lar in conflict settlement in Sumbawa. This dissertation Having practical values and will propose local regulations about Lar. so that will make a local rule in Sumbawa. The Relevance Theory proposed that the values of local wisdom crickets Slamat used as a means of conflict resolution Lar management. Through theories: Theory Maqosid al-Syarial, liabilities tau (public) Samawa to guard her honor, memeliharakelestarian and carrying Lar (as caliph at once slave) of Allah on earth., Theory of the Soul of the Nation, to analyze the value of crickets Slamat as the birth rate , Theory of conflict, as the saw blade analysis in assessing conflict Lar land management, as well as what mechanisms are used by the people of Sumbawa in overcoming the conflict.

With the transformation of the values of local wisdom crickets Slamat sumbawa community in efforts to establish the rule of Sumbawa regency of Lar management conflict resolution. Through legal prularisme theory, theory maqosid al-Syarial, prismatic legal theory, the theory of law.

This dissertation use empirical legal research, anthropological-sociological approach culture. while the primary data source is the phenomenon and the value of community, descriptive case study method, ideological.

Adapaun secondary data source that documents, books, per-uu-s, namely primary data collection techniques, interviews and observation. And secondary namely documentation and literature. While data analysis technique that is descriptive interpretive.

Through local knowledge crickets Slamat there is a consensus that the settlement by means of the parties understand and willingly accept the results of the deliberations so that the last of peace in the form of the parties are satisfied, and strengthening social solidarity.

Values Slamat crickets raised, seen from the hierarchical structure of Sumbawa customary law. Where Slamat crickets in a hierarchical structure sumbawa customary law. Namely in the form of crickets Slamat Blessing and safety animating custom sumbawa. Starting from my barenti Indigenous Personality, Personality barenti co Qur’aan, Ontology, ketakit co nene ‘kongila biat lenge resulting Slamat Krik, the value of Epistemology and philosophy Basic Aksiologinya sumbawa society on fear of God, so that gave birth Slamat crickets.

Graduated as a Doctor, is the highest academic level but it should be proved by the dedication of the community, especially in sumbawa.Sebuah doctorate quality, dedication to the community college need to be a first priority. So that science direalitaskan. Luth Thohir word as image and message.

The event ended with his impressions and messages for taking a doctoral degree at a University Law Faculty Brawijaya, he thanked that has guided and directed so as to complete the dissertation well.

Finally, Taking into account, seriousness, ethics, as well as his ability he mandapat board of examiners set the degree of Doctor of Law, Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya with honors (tan)