Dissertation of Krishna : Agricultural Land Conversion in Local Autonomy Era

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diser khrisna

PSIKnews – Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed, said Mahatma Gandhi. Green zone farming is now eroded. Many fertile and productive areas is now changing into industrial block or residential. Moreover, in the era of local autonomy (decentralization) the policy can be taken by the government of each area without having to wait the instruction from the central government. This has an impact in the number of local governments that permit the conversion of agricultural land to non0-agricultural. Land conversion policies have not support the people.

Some of these issues became the background of the reaearch nicely done by Krishna Hadiwinata, S.H, M.H. Her research was then become a final test dissertation materials, with the titled “Settings of the Political Legal Permission of Agricultural Land to Non-Agricultural Conversion In the Local Autonomy Era”. The opened test held on Wednesday (6/11), at 9:00 to 11:00 PM at the Sixth floor Auditorium of Building A.

Prof. Dr. Sudarsono, S.H, M.S was the Promoter accompanied by the Co-Promoters, Prof. Dr. Isrok, S.H, M.S and Dr. Moh. Ridwan, S.H, M.S. While Prof. Dr. Koesno Adi, S.H, M.S, Prof. Dr. Suko Wiyono, S.H, M.H, Dr. Sihabudin, S.H, M.H, Dr. Abdul Rahmat Budiono, S.H, M.H, and Dr. Bambang Winarno S.H, S.U as the examiners.

In her research, Krishna gave recommendations on the need for making the local regulation that can harmonize the interest between the government and society, the society is actively involved in the control of land conversion, discussion about RUU PLPPA (Rancangan Undang-Undang Pengelolaan Lahan Pertanian Pangan Abadi), revitalization of land conversion and the need to create rural spatial plans. (alfa)