Dissertation of Aries : Morality and The Relation With The Employment Agreement

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PSIKnews – The globalization era with the progress of science and technology that characterizes the dynamics of today’s economic system has come into existence of various legal issues. Majority of legal issues that arises closely related to the working relationship, as regulated in Act Number 13 Year 2003 on Employment. These legal issues contain legal vacuum, particularly related with the moral norms in employment agreements.

This condition is considered very urgent to be solved. To follow up on it, Aries Harianto, S.H, M.H lifted a theme of “The Meaning of ‘Is Contrary to Morality’ In Terms of Legitimate Work Agreement”, as a dissertation.

The opened test dissertation held in sixth floor Auditorium of Building A, Faculty of Law (30/12). Prof. Dr. Suhariningsih, S.H, S.U as the Promoter, accompanied by Dr. Abdul Rachmad Boediono, S.H, M.S and Dr. Sihabudin, S.H, M.H as the Co-Promoter. Then, the board of examiners were Prof. Dr. Sudarsono, S.H, M.S, Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, S.H, M.Sc, Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Nurjaya, S.H, M.H, and Dr. Widodo Ekatjahjana, S.H, M.Hum as the guest examiner from Jember University.

Aries successfully defended his research in front of the board examiners as well as entitled to his doctorate with predicate “cum laude”. In his research, Aries recommends the need to accomodates the meaning of ‘is not contrary to morality’ in the employment agreement as a prescription to avoid the blurred-norm. In addition, the cancellation construction of the employment agreement is in contrast with the moral norms, should be able to be functioned as a legal principle in the employment agreement.(alfa)