Discussion of Civil Law: “Improving the Quality of Thesis Writing of Civil Law”

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Diskusi hk Perdata

All this time the final task among students only in the form of thesis, while there are other form, that is Legal Memorandum, so it need to be socialized for lecturer and students about Legal Memorandum Writing. Thus the referral who said by the Head of Civil Law, Dr. Budi Santoso, SH., LLM on the speech  in  Civil Law Discussion, Thursday, October 27th 2016.

At the first session, the first speaker, Prof. Dr. Bakri SH.,MH explain the importance of maintain quality of Thesis on the Civil Law. The second speaker, Zairul Alam, SH., MH, he giving an understanding that there are 3 problems that be related with  final task, (1) the problems of students (2) Supervisor/academic counselors (3) Administration. Then next session is ask and answer session.

As for the result of this discussion is will be followed up by (1) Will hold the workshop on election of law issues and how coaching. There needs to be a standard for pages, cards and journals as a Head of Division reference (2) Will hold the KKNI workshop especially for Civil Law (3) Will held Comparative study on the alignment of subjects at Gadjahmada University.