The Department of International Law FHUB organized a Legal Talkshow with the topic “Controversy Not Returned Ex-ISIS Indonesian Citizens” Human Rights Perspective Vs National Security

The Department of International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya (FHUB) held a Legal Talkshow with the theme “Controversy is not repatriated EX-ISIS Indonesian Citizens” in the perspective of human rights vs. humanitarian perspective. The event was held in the 6th floor Auditorium of Building A FHUB on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

This Legal Talkshow was hosted by Fransiska Susanto, SH., LL.M as the moderator of the event and was attended by a number of speakers including Hendra Kurnia Putra, SH., MH, who were the Section Head of Preparation for Conception of Laws and Regulations of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights which also FHUB alumni, Ikaningtyas, SH., LL.M as Humanitarian Law researcher and FHUB academic, Milda Istiqomah, SH., MTCP as researcher in Criminal Law and Terrorism and Ph.D Candidate at the University of New South Wales, also AAA. Nanda Saraswati, SH., MH., As a researcher of International Human Rights Law and FHUB academics. The event was attended by 200 participants from academics and students.

The talkshow was opened with a little explanation regarding the background of the case such as the establishment of ISIS, Indonesian citizens who are members of ISIS and government statements related to the status of Ex-ISIS citizens. Ikaningtyas, SH., LL.M explained the perspective of humanitarian law and the status of ISIS in international conflicts. Hendra Kurnia Putra, SH., MH, explained the government’s perspective statement for refusing to repatriate ex-ISIS and the issue of eliminating citizenship status. The next discussion was presented by Milda Istiqomah, SH., MTCP who discussed the application of criminal law for ex-ISIS citizens, the Terrorism Act, and deradicalization for terrorists and radicals. AAA Nanda Saraswati, SH., MH explained the human rights side of both the Ex-ISIS citizens and the State Responsibility also related to the balance in carrying out porposional National Security.

The event continued with a question and answer session with participants and closed with conclusions and expectations of each speaker. (AZL)