Dekan Cup Futsal Final was Dominated by The Freshman Class

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PSIKnews – A series of activities on Brawijaya Law Fair IV has started to begin, especially the Dekan Cup event. Since the opening ceremony on Sunday (10/11), the futsal sports game on Dekan Cup has entered the final round.

The early final happened in semi-final round, which was held on Field number 3, Premier Soehat. The semi-finalists were the same with the last year. Last year, the champions was team of 2010, after they beat the team of 2012 with the last score of 2-1. However, this time the team of 2012 (Law – Ngor) was consisted with the same players as last year and finally they could revenge their lost last year. Law – Ngor team had successfully bend the team of 2010 with the winning score of 8-3.

This result made the Law – Ngor team would meet the Bebek Goreng FC in the final round, which has defeated the Fiesta FC with the score of 6-4. The final of futsal would be held on 12/11, in Premier Soehat. And also the volleyball would be contested on that day. (alfa)