Graduation Of Undergraduate Law Program, Master Of Law And Master Of Notary

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Friday (06/27/2015), Faculty of Law Brawijaya University held a graduation for the period of June 2015 to 81 students. There were 62 students from the Undergraduate Program, 1 student of Bachelor of Law Double Degree Program with Faculty of Syariah UIN Maliki, three students of the Master of Law Program, and 15 students of the Master of Notary. Taking place in the auditorium of the faculty of law, the graduation was led by the Dean, Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, SH., M.Sc., accompanied by Vice Dean III, Head of the Undergraduate Program, and other faculty officials.

A total of 25 students graduated with honors with praise from the Undergraduate Program. The highest GPA in Law Program was achieved by Nanda Yoga Rohmana with a GPA of 3.85, while the Master of Notary was achieved by Tazkiah Ashfia with a GPA of 3.92. In the event, each student was called to receive a Certificate of Graduation from the Dean and also congratulations from the ranks of faculty leaders.

Dean of the faculty of law, Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, SH., M.Sc., on the occasion told all the students that that are many challenges in finding a job, while the number of unemployment continues to increase. It may therefore be the task for all graduates of the Faculty of Law to improve the legal conditions which are in crisis. Dean also asked the students to not forget the campus and alma mater when returning to  the community. All participants were also encouraged to join the bond ALUMNI so they can exchange information to solve the difficulties that may be experienced.