Student Graduation Periode Of August 2015

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Friday (25/09/2015), Faculty of Law Brawijaya University held a graduation for the period September 2015 to 12 students of the undergraduate program at the auditorium. The graduation was led by Vice Dean III  Arif Zainudin, SH. M. Hum., Head of the Civil Law, Head of Criminal Law, Head of the State Administration Law department, and other faculty leadership. All participants passed, where the highest GPA was achieved by Kristian Bayu Permana with a 3.62 GPA. In the event, each student was called to receive a Temporary Certificate of Graduation, submitted by the Vice Dean III followed by congratulations from the leadership ranks of other faculties.

This graduation is an academic process that involves the application of values ​​and graduation of students. It also means the announcement of value to students as a final review of all the courses that have been taken and the determination of the value in the academic transcript, and the decision to pass or not in a certain period, which is determined by the competent authorities resulting from the decision of the meeting.