Final Disertation Examination of Tunggul Anshari SN., SH. MH.

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Tunggul Anshari Setia Negara, SH. MH., a Doctoral Program of Law student, Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University, successfully earned his doctorate degree at the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University after successfully defending his dissertation in front of the Assembly on Monday, July 13, 2015. He was listed as the 253rd doctorate at the Faculty. Open session which was held in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Law  was led by Prof.Dr.Sudarsono, SH., MS. (Promoter), accompanied by Prof.Dr.A.Mukthie Fajar, SH., MS. (Co-Promoter), Dr.Jazim Hamidi, SH., MH. (Co-Promoter), Prof.Dr.Isrok, SH., MS. (Examiner), Dr.Moh. Ridwan, SH., MS. (Examiner), Dr. Moh. Fadli, SH., MHum. (Examiner), Dr.Mohamad Ali Safaat, SH. MH., Prof.Dr.Tatiek Sri Djatmiati, SH. MS.

In his dissertation titled “Formal Review Act against the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia”, mentioned that the formal review laws against the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 is a matter that should exist, in order to achieve alignment of legislation to the highest level to achieve the purification process in the form of the moment of normative, political moment, and technical moments. The legal standing in this formal review legislation in principle is all sovereign people, because the constitution is regarded as a the will of all the people. Promovendus also put forward suggestions in the dissertation, which are to immediately form a Constitutional Court Regulation (PMK) as a benchmark or touchstone in the formal review.

Born in Malang, May 24, 1959, Tunggul Anshari which also works as a lecturer in the Constitutional Law department at the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University, managed to obtaih a GPA of 4.00 with a duration of 5 years and 11 months. The final examination dissertation, which was attended by family and more than 100 invited guests went smoothly. Once the exam is over, the guests congratulated him and family.