Final Disertation Examination Of Indrawati, SH. M.Hum.

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Friday (10/07/2015), Faculty of Law Brawijaya University graduated it 252nd Doctorate in Legal Studies. It is Indrawati, SH., M. Hum., a Doctoral Program of Law student, which has managed to maintain her dissertation in front of the panel of examiners at the Final Dissertation Examination. At the Auditorium of the Faculty of Law, the open session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Sudarsono, SH. MS. (Chief Examiner), accompanied by Prof. Dr. Made Sadhi Astuti, SH. (Promoter), Prof. Masruchin Ruba’i, SH. MS. (Co-Promoter), Prof. Dr. Koesno Adi, SH. MS. (Co-Promoter), Prof. I Nyoman Nurjaya, SH. MH. (Examiner), Dr. Prija Djatmika, SH. MS. (Examiner), Dr. Navianto Ismail, SH. MH. (Examiner) and Dr. Sarwini, SH., MH. (Guest Examiners). Born in Malang on March 12, 1976, Indrawati has successfully achieved the GPA of 3.92 with a 5-year and 11 months study period.

In her dissertation titled “Policy Formulation For Capital Punishment Threats against perpetrators of Corruption” was mentioned that the policy formulation must be implemented, given the corruption as a crime (extraordinary crime) and corruption by already being systemic, needing the highest  sanction of capital punishment. The current Indonesian Corruption Eradication Act has not set the death sentence against the State management of committing corruption with certain nominal value. Therefore the Law of Corruption in Indonesia in the future should set of capital punishment for the State management of committing corruption. By analyzing the formulation of norms in China and Thailand, and those in Indonesia, in this dissertation the author propose a concept for the future (ius contituendum) on the concept that applies capital punishment for the perpetrators of the crime of corruption in Indonesia.