Final Dissertation Examination Of Imam Ropii, S.Pd. SH. MH.

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Faculty of Law Brawijaya University have just given its 255th Doctorate in Legal Studies to Imam Ropii, S.Pd. SH. MH., a student in Doctoral program, Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya. Imam has successfully defended his dissertation in front of the Open Session Final Examination Dissertation on Thursday, August 20th, 2015. This open session that was held at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Law was headed by Prof. Dr.Sudarsono, SH., MS. (Promoter), accompanied by Dr.Jazim Hamidi, SH., MH. (Co-Promoter), Dr.Mohamad Ali Safaat, SH. MH. (Co-Promoter), Prof.Dr.Isrok, SH., MS. (Examiner), Dr. Moh. Fadli, SH., MHum. (Examiner), Dr. Istislam, SH., M. Hum (Examiner), Dr. Sihabudin, SH., MH. (Examiner), and Dr. Sukardi, SH. MH. (Examiner from Airlangga University).

Born in Tulungagung, June 1st, 1967, Imam raised the dissertation entitled “Resolution on General Election Administrative Offences (Study against Democratic legislative elections)”. In the dissertation it was mentioned that there are two important issues related to the administration of elections violations, namely why the Law No.8 of 2012 on the legislative elections is incomplete regulating about the remedy violations of election administration, and how the reconstruction of the legal and institutional arrangements of administration by infringing the completion of election protect the voting rights of citizens and electoral participants. The results and findings of the study concluded that the Election Law No. 8 In 2012 is incomplete setting the legal remedy / objection settlement of administrative violations of election because: former Act does not distinguish between the nature of a final and binding between the decision of the Commission to the court decision, the formation of the law influenced legal political previous election law, inconsistent and inaccurate resulting Election Law produced an incomplete set legal remedy / filing an objection. Legal implications as a result of incomplete settings that can happen: the uncertainty of the legal, political injustice and unlawful actions (eigenrichting), as well as buying and selling voice (vote buying) between organizers / implementers election with candidates / participants of the election. Reconstruction of the legal and institutional setting completion of administrative violations of election is done by improving election legislation and election organizers between agencies and violation of election administration.

Imam Ropii, S.Pd. SH. MH., managed to obtain a GPA of 4.00 within a 4-year study period. The final examination dissertation, which was attended by a large family and more than 100 invited guests went smoothly, and Imam managed to answer the questions posed by convincing the board of examiners. Once the exam is over, the guests congratulated Imam and family.