Final Examination Dissertation of I Gede Surata, S.H., M.Kn.

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150317 I Gede Surate 2

Tuesday, March 17, 2015, the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University announced it’s 247th Doctorate in Legal Studies. I Gede Surata, SH., M.Kn., a Doctoral Program of Law student, has successfully defended his dissertation in front of the  panel of examiners at the Final Examination Dissertation if the Faculty’s Graduate Program. At the Auditorium, the final examination was chaired by Prof. Dr Sudarsono, SH., MS. (Chief Examiner), accompanied by Prof. Dr Suhariningsih, SH., SU. (Promoter), Prof. Dr I Made Arya Utama, SH., Hum. (Co-Promoter), Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, SH., M.Sc. (Co-Promoter), Prof.Dr. Moh. Bakri SH., MS. (Examiner), Dr. Sihabudin, SH., MH. (Examiner), and Prof. Dr I Made Subawa, SH., MH. (Guest Examiner). I Gede who was born in Amlapura Bali on July 5, 1959 successfully held a compliment predicate with a  3-year and 7 months study period and a GPA of 3,94.

In his dissertation, entitled Legal Protection for Farmers of State Land and Used for Enterprises Agriculture (Case Study in Rural Sumberklampok – Bali) states that farmers are not guaranteed legal protection due to differences in interpretation between the Bali provincial government and farmers. Bali Provincial Government claimed the land in the village of Sumberklampok are assets, while farmers claimed that the land is the result of clearing forests to acquire agricultural land. Agrarian law in the field of political reform undertaken by the regional government is not in accordance with the purpose of reform in the context of equalization in control and ownership of land rights, and also not in accordance with the expectations of the farmers that provide welfare for farmers with the principle of land for peasants and legal certainty on the ground that mastered.

The final examination dissertation, which was attended by the entire family and more than 100 invited guests went successfully smoothly, and I Gede managed to answer the questions posed by the board of examiners. Once the exam was over, the invited guests congratulated him and family.