The Faculty Of Law's Campus Orientation: Day 2

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Thursday, September 3rd, 2015, the second day of the campus orientation at the Faculty of Law with the theme of Student Orientation (ORMAWA). The event began with a morning assembly along with collecting the first days task. Chairman of the Executive Committee of lecturers and employees, Dr. Lucky Endrawati, SH. MH. gave a speech in the assembly.

The activity continued on the mobilization of new students into the building and to carry out a series of ORMAWA activities, among others, to deliver information about Education Administration by Supardi, S. Kom (staff of the academic sub division) and the Financial Administration by Dr. Iwan Permadi, SH. M.Hum. (Vice Dean II). The next event was a national talk show with the theme “Developing Young Jurist For Indonesia” featuring speakers Prof. Dr. Ahmad Sodiki, SH. (Professor oat the Faculty of Law and former Vice Chairman of the Constitutional Court) and Setiawan Nurdayasakti, SH. MH. (Lecturer at the Faculty of Law) with moderator Dr. Reka Dewantara, SH. MH. (Lecturer at the Faculty of Law). The Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS. Along with his staff also attended the show to monitor the activities of the student orientation at the Faculty of Law.



Promptly at 9:50 pm, the orientation was continued with the Student Intellectual Parlement activities that took place in the classroom, followed by the break. At 13:05 the committee conducted materials about Campus Facilities by Alfons Zakaria, SH. LLM. (Head of Planning & Public Relations Information System (PSIK)), M. Zairul Nature, SH. MH. (Chairman of the Center for Law Documentation and Information (PDIH)) and Dra. Ismarita Ida, M.Pd (Coordinator of English Language Laboratory).


This orientation series of events on the second day also displayed a Training Motivation filled by Standup Comedian who often appeared on national TV that is known to always appear with his pickpocket hat. He is Henry Saktiawan, which is also an alumni of UB’s Faculty of Agricultural Technology. The event continued with the socialization of the Activities of Students (KRIMA). The closing of the orientation was held at 15.30. After the orientation, the new students still have to follow some other activities that are part of the graduation rate indicator which is the Activities of Students (KRIMA).