Faculty Of Law Releases Candidates of Hajj Pilgrim

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Thursday (27/08/2015), Faculty of Law Brawijaya University held a ceremony to release hajj pilgrims candidiates and family members. The four prople who will perform the pilgrimage are Rachmi Sulistyarini, SH. MH. (lecturer and former Vice Dean II of the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University) together with husband, Drs. Hardowiyono, MSi. (retired lecturer of Faculty of Law Brawijaya University) and wife, Ulfa Azizah, SH. MKn., and Ummu Hilmy, SH. MS. Who both are also retired lecturers of Faculty of Law Brawijaya University.

The event was held in the auditorium and was attended by lecturers and staffs, Dharma Wanita, and retired faculty and employees. The event began with the appearance of Hadrah performed by the group Al Banjari Choirun Nisa’ from Sawojajar. Then continues by speechs by Prof.Dr.Isrok, SH., MS. as the committee of the Faculty’s Haji Society, Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, SH. MSi. (Dean), and Rachmi Sulistyarini, SH. MH. as a representative of the pilgrims. The event was also filled with tausiyah delivered by Ustadz KH. Ahmad Mujayyid from Malang. Towards the end of the event, the pilgrims received a souvenir from the Faculty of Law and from colleagues.