Postgraduate Program : The Registration Scedule of Law and Notary Program Study 2014/2015 Academic Year

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Announcement of Universitas Brawijaya Student Registration for Even Semester 2014-2015


No :  0363/UN10/AK/2015

About :




Hereby announced to all students of Universitas Brawijaya to perform registration of Even semester academic year 2014/2015 with the following details :

I. Administration Registration.

  1. Place and Date:
    • Payment spots:
    • Date of Payment: January 28, 2015 – February 6, 2015
      Day/Time: Monday – Friday / Time : 07.30 – 15.00 WIB.
  2. Requirements
    • Showing student ID.
    • Students who did not perform registration on previous semester must submit a letter of information regarding the student being active on the current upcoming semester from the Rector, and students who are on academic leave must show Academic Leave Letter to Academic Affairs table in Crisis Centre UB Widyaloka Building to open blocking.

Notes :

  • Payment beyond the listed dates will not be accepted.
  • No payment should be made aside from on BANK MANDIRI, MANDIRI SYARIAH, BTN, BRI, BNI and ATM BCA in all Indonesian branches


II. Academic Registration (Filling Study Plan/KRS).

Registration Date : February 2-6, 2015

  1. Bachelor and Vocational Education: To be announced in
  2. Post graduate & Specialist I: See schedule announcement to be issued by Postgraduate Administrator

III. Sanctions for students who do not perform Administration Registration:

  1. Students who do not perform administration registration on Even semester 2014/2015 will be regarded as unregistered as student of Universitas Brawijaya and not permitted to perform academic and student related activities on the semester.
  2. Students who have performed administration registration (paying Tuition Fee) but not eligible academically to continue their study, the Tuition Fee paid on Even semester 2014/2015 will be returned.
  3. Students who are late, or do not perform administration registration may apply for academic leave to Rector, at the least on March 6, 2015 accepted by General Affairs/Administration of UB Rectorate 1st floor.
  4. Student of Universitas Brawijaya who are not registered for more than two cumulative and consecutive semester will be regarded as dropping out.

IV. Other :

  1. Academic leave application submitted after the deadline of academic leave submission or afterMarch 6, 2015, if approved, student is still required to pay tuition fee.
  2. Tuition Fee is only a proof registered as student, and the status will become Active once student perform academic registration (filling Study Plan/KRS).
  3. Student who only need to take Final Assignment (Scientific Writing, Minor Thesis, Thesis, Dissertation) is still required to perform academic registration (filling Study Plan/KRS).
  4. Student of 2008/2009 and after, based on the regulation in UB Education Principles Book, will be subjected to Progressive Tuition Fee:
    • Student of Vocational Program/Diploma who exceeds three year study period, the Tuition Fee will be (100+15)% on fourth year and (100+30)% on fifth year.
    • Sarjana Program student who exceeds four year study period, the Tuition Fee will be (100+15)% on fifth year, (100+30)% on sixth year and (100+45)% on seventh year.
    • Program Transfer student who exceeds three year study period will have Tuition Fee of (100+30)% on fourth year
    • Master Program student from 2012/2013 and after will be subjected to progressive Tuition Fee once exceeds two years, with (100+15)% on third year and (100+30)% on fourth year
    • Doctoral student from 2012/2013 and after will be subjected to Progressive tuition fee once exceeding three years study period, with (100+15)% on fourth year and (100+30)%on fifth year
  5. Student who cannot show student ID on the administration registration because of lost or other issues must apply for renewal of student ID.
  6. Academic registration (filling Study Plan/KRS) will be regulated by respective Faculties/Programs.
  7. After the end date of Odd Semester 2014/2015 to the beginning of Even Semester 2014/2015 (February 7, 2015-February 15, 2015) there will be no academic activities (including Yudisium/Graduation).
  8. Crisis Center of Even Semester 2014/2015 Registration will be located in Widyaloka Building, from January 28, 2015 – February 6, 2015 on working days/hours.

   Issued in       :  M a l a n g
On     :  January 20, 2015

On behalf of Rector
Vice Rector I

Prof.Dr.Ir. Bambang Suharto, MS
NIP. 19530709 198002 1 002

Registration Flow of Universitas Brawijaya Student
Semester Genap 2014/2015

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