Australian Delegates Visit Bromo Mountain

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As part of the visitation to Indonesia, the delegation of Newcastle University had the time to visit one of the most well-known tourism-site in Indonesia, Mount Bromo. The delegation of Australia which is consists of 9 students and 1 lectures are pretty happy to had a vacation at Bromo. The visit to Bromo was conducted on Saturday (27/9/2015).

All of the delegates were amazed by the marvelous beautiful scenery of the mountain, the delegates were off to the mountain at 11PM on the evening and was arrived on the mountain top-spot at around 3AM in the morning. it was quite a bit too early to see the sunrise, so the delegates spend their time by talking around about Bromo mountain and everything in between in the crowds. Sunday was a perfect day of vacation, but in case of Bromo, Sunday marks the most crowded day of all, so it’s quite a bit unlucky for the delegates because it was so difficult to see the sunrise due to the crowded of people on sunday vacation. But all in all finally the delegates got the chance to see the marvelous sunrise at the mountain top-spot.

The visit to Bromo marks the delegate’s last day in Malang. Starting on Monday (28/9/2015) all of the delegates will be moving to Surabaya to have another visitation on the city.