Presence Rules and Restriction to Follow UAS

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2PSIKnews-Final exam season is over. Now the students is preparing for the holiday. However, there are some interesting notes about the last final exam (Ujian Akhir Semester / UAS). Besides the prohibitions on cheating, presence rules also applied. From the observation done by the editorial team, there were a lot of students which were not permitted to follow the final exam because of their presence was under the minimum standard.

“I could not follow one of the subject in final exam. The presence rules is now pretty tight. In the end, this condition can be taken as a lesson to be more discipline and not absence during the lectures.” Said one of the student. Without joining UAS, the students is threatened to not pass the subject. This is because UAS is the highest percentage amount in final score. T1, T2, and UTS are the supporting components. The minimum standard of presence is determined based on the number of credits of the concerned subjects. (alfa)