6 Team of FH UB Delegates Passed National Final Competition Law Natsir Cup 2014

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In order to welcome and celebrate the 5th anniversary, FKPH LEM FH UII  hold a Scientific Essay Contest, Essay and National Seminar is a series of activities called Mohammad Natsir Cup in 2014. The intent and purpose of this competition is to formulate and offer innovative ideas, critical thinking and implementable as a result of all students in Indonesia to meet Democratic Election for a better Indonesia.

In this occasion FH UB students were able to be a finalist among the largest universities in Indonesia, they are 2 teams scientific writing teams and 4 team essay competition. The scientific writing team representing FH UB is Radhingga D. Setiana, Devika Beliani, and Achmad Aprianto and the other is linda Rahayu, Rosa Wahyu Ningrum,  and Dian Laraswati Zuriah. While the 4 teams that compete in the essay, they are: Andi Tanaka, Resa Yuniarsa, Sholahudin Al Fatih, and Yunizar Tristanto. (tan)