5 FHUB Students Marks Their Way to Germany on ELC 2015

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After going through a series of intense selection, finally, on Monday (02/16/2014), 5 names of students who are entitled to bring the name of FHUB on the ELC 2015 is officially released. The five students are; Adelia Rachmaniar (2012), Radhingga (2012), Annisa Lintang Happsari (2013), Andi Marwah (2013), and Aprilivan Partogi (2013).

Aprilivan Partogi, student of international class 2013, explained that he still does not believe that his name is listed on the bulletin board, he explained that his doubtness is based on previous FGD experience, he said that many other students are smarter than him, yet he was very proud to be delegates to represent FHUB at the international level. He added, up to now there is no specific preparation with regard to adaptation problems when in Germany later. He hopes to dig up as much experience as possible in this event which will be very useful for his future career, he added.

Meanwhile, Annisa Lintang Hapsari, international class students of 2013 explained that she was very proud to be elected as delegates, she was happy because her parents were so proud of her. “I am proud to make my parents smiled at this announcement,” she said. For the sake of speaking skills, Annisa said she would take the German language course in order to at least understand the basic fundamentals of the German language vocabulary.

Furthermore, the five students will soon take care of all the administrative tasks related to visas and passports, which are scheduled on February 23rd, while the departure to Leipzig, Germany on May 17th, 2015.