4 Best FHUB Students will fight on the National Law Debating Competition PLF 2015

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A total of 4 best FH students were selected as the debate team and will represent FHUB in the event of Padjadjaran Law Fair 2015, specifically on National Law Debating Competition. The 4 students were selected after following a series of interviews conducted by the committee on Monday (23/02/2015). The four students are; Sholahudin Al Fatih (2011), Gina Sabrina (2013), Kristiyanto (2013), and Siti Habiba (2014).

Selection of interviews was held in the Ruang Sidang 3rd Floor Building A FHUB by two lecturers, namely; M. Dahlan, SH, MH and Haru Permadi SH, and the theme for the interview was “Rekonstruksi Hubungan Pemerintah Pusat dan Daerah”. The committee explains that from about 30 people who signed up, only 14 students were finally come and follow a whole series of interviews. The committee added from those 14 people were finally selected four best students with the highest scores.

Kristiyanto, class of 2013 who passed the interview explained that the interview was brief, he said “Each of the participants were only given 5 minutes to deliver their arguments related to the topic given by the lecturer, and then the lectures will come up with a few questions that the participants must answer”. Furthermore, those four students will follow a series of exercises and brainstorming before finally heading off to Bandung in April.

Padjadjaran Law Fair 2015 is a nationwide competition organized by the Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran, Bandung. In addition to the national law debating competitions, there are several other competitions such as; Debate for SMA, Constitutional Drafting and Scientific Writing Competition.