3in1 Program Visiting Professor Departement of Criminal Law 2019 in Malang, Faculty of Law Brawijaya University.

3in1 Program Departement of Criminal Law was held in Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya, 12 November-15 November 2019. The Lecture was attended by Bachelor program students, also attended as guest speaker Prof. Michael Hor as a lecturer Faculty of Law University of Hongkong. The event consists of Discussion session talked about Human Rights and Criminal Justice, The most serious crimes perspective US supreme court jurisprudence, UN human rights committee, and human right concerns on Tuesday, 12 November 2019.

The next day, 13 November 2019 the Event was moderated by Fines Fatimah SH., MH as a lecturer criminal law FHUB, talked about sex and the criminal law, homosexuality, why is criminal prohibition retained, constitutional equality. The event was closed 15 November 2019 discussion about academic writing and critical thinking for law students. Then every session the lecture ends with a question and answer session. (IRM)