3 FHUB Students Compete on Paper Competition at Universitas Sumatera Utara

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A team from FHUB consisting of 3 students managed to be the  finalist in the USU NiCe 2015. The three students are; Muhammad Ridho (2012), Firdaus Kafabih (2012) and Gulam Dalula May Volta (2012). Those three students were already flying for Medan yesterday (18/2/2014).

The event was organized by PEMA University of Sumatra Utara on 19 to 22 February 2015. A major theme of this event is “Strategi indonesia Menuju Negara industri Yang Berkarakter”. The presentation of each team will be held on 21 February 2015.

Team of FHUB will be presenting their paper entitled “Himpunan Mahasiswa Ekonomi Kreatif (HIMEK) Sebagai Sarana Pembangunan Ekonomi Kreatif Menuju Pasar Unggulan Perdagangan Industri Mikro-Makro di Indonesia”, with the guidance of Mr. Arif Zainudin SH, M. Hum. One of the delegates, Firdaus Kafabih (2012) explains that they are so grateful that their team can qualify to represent FHUB in this activity, he said he would strive with earnest. “We will try our best to provide the best for our alma mater, Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya,”  he added.