16 Students Battling on Interview for ELC 2015

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A total of 16 students from the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University who passed the administrative selection ELC program in 2015, followed the interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGD). The test was carried out in the Auditorium 6th floor of Building A of the Faculty on Friday (02/13/2014). Andi Marwah, one of the candidates explained that for this interview she had prepared thoroughly to find references on the internet and wondered to his colleague who was studying in Germany on matters related to the questions that may be asked by the panelists. There is also Aprilivan Partogi, one of the participants even explained that he had no special preparations to follow this selection.

Selection mechanism was divided into two (2) sessions, focus group discussions and interviews. The first session was a focus group session. All of the participants were divided into 3 groups. Emilia Dewi, one participant explained that she was a little tense to face the forum discussion because and being more focused for the interview. She added that the reason she joined this program is to expand the knowledge of the legal system in another country and also according to her, the German has a high standing-point in the constellation of international law.

ELC program is an annual event in collaboration of the Faculty of Law Brawijaya University with the Universitat Leipzig in Germany. This program is funded by the DAAD. The theme for this year’s ELC is “Constitution and Political Identitiy Building”. In contrast to previous years, this time ELC will take place in three sessions, namely in Leipzig (Germany), Malang and Jakarta.

The committee explained there will be a maximum of 5 qualified students who will become eligible delegates for ELC 2015. The committee added the announcement can be found on the faculty’s official website on February 16th, 2015.