Campaign of Election For Student Executive organization and Student Senat Organization

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As a form of practicing the fundamental values of democracy, the students of faculty of law Brawijaya university conduct a student election. This election is aimed to choose the member of senate organization (DSM) and Student Executive Organization (BEM). The election will be held on friday, December 11th, so prior to that date all of the candidates have the chance to do a campaign to attract their peers to vote for them.


The campaign was held on Tuesday, December 8th 2015 started from 8.50AM up until 4.00PM. On this campaign, all of the candidates were expressing all of their purpose and goal, Sabihal Husni, one of the Senate Candidate explained that she will do her best as a student representative in the senate, the senate organization’s campaign was attended by 11 campaigners, those are the one who are brave enough to be the student representative to represent the voice of the student. After the Senate campaign was over, the campaign was continued with the oration from the candidate of President and Vice President of executive organization (BEM). On this year, the election for the BEM President was followed by two candidates, Hasbi, one of the candidate explained that there is a need for a betterment inside the faculty of law and this organization must be able to truly represent the voice of the students and should do the best for the students in order to manage the student affairs.

After the campaign, there were a debate session, all of the candidates both from DSM and BEM were managed to answer all of the questions raised by their peer students.