2 FHUB Student Will Participate on the Short Course Study in Australia

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As many as two students were selected to participate in a Short Course Program 2015 in the University of Wollongong Australia. The students are : Aji Aribowo (2013) and Revi Sabilia (2014). Those students had shown their best performance during the range of selections held by the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya.

Aji Aribowo, the student of International Class batch 2013 explained that he had only one week to prepare the motivation essay, which is required during the selection process. He further explained that during the writing of the Essay, he hadn’t have the TOEFL certificate just yet, so during that period he took the TOEFL test right-away while the progress of motivation essay is still on going at the same time. While Revi, which is still a freshman at the campus, had another story. She explained that the information about this exchange program was gained from on of the social media spread-out by one of her friend, she stated that it is not a second-change opportunity, means that she will do the best for the success of the program.

During the stay at the University of Wollongong, the participants will be subjected into an international-atmosphere of study in Australia. The Short Course Program, which is made possible under the cooperation between Brawijaya University and University of Wollongong is aimed to introduce a world-class education and experience to the participants. The participants will then be joining in various lectures in the campus and studying about the Common-Law system applied in Australia. Beside that, the participants are expected to observe the education system and any other education-related materials in the University of Wollongong and could bring some valuable knowledge back to their country and could be implemented to the society.

Aji Aribowo further said that beside of an academic activity, he is also excited to explore Australia to gain more friends and strengthen the horizon about Australian cultures, the way the governments work, the cultures of the society, in which he hope to bring some wonderful experience and knowledge once they returned to Indonesia.