Malang, September 6 2018 – European Union and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through the SUSTAIN project in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) held a discussion entitled “Prevention of Corruption in the Public Sector” at the Faculty of Law Auditorium, Brawijaya University, Malang , East Java.

The Panel Discussion presented four panelists, consisting of Judges from the Medan High Court Ms. Albertina Ho, S.H., M.H., Deputy Dean of the UB Faculty of Law Mr. Dr. Prija Djatmika, S.H., M.S., Deputy Coordinator of Indonesia Corruption Watch (IWC) Agus Sunaryanto, and Coordinator of the EU-UNDP SUSTAIN Judicial Training Sector Bobby Rahman.

This discussion forum was held aimed at inviting young candidates for law enforcement to be actively involved in participating in the prevention of acts of corruption in the public sector. As the next generation, young people have an important role to reject the culture of corruption and encourage integrity to all levels of society. Therefore, they need to be introduced to how to detect, prevent, and fight corruption effectively.

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Brawijaya Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, S.H., M.Sc. said, this anti-corruption discussion was very important to be held continuously to improve students as a role in higher education in law, not only law faculty students, also all the elements involved in running the government.

“As a candidate for law enforcement officers, whether police, prosecutors, lawyers or judges, moral awareness of integrity and honesty is very necessary. So that when they work, they become officers not caught in corrupt practices that harm the people and citizens of Indonesia. Students are able to recognize practical motives. corruption and carrying out various prevention efforts in collaboration with the prosecutor’s office and the KPK. ”

This discussion activity was held following an integrated corruption prevention training at the provincial and local government levels carried out by the SUSTAIN project at 3 s.d. September 5, 2018 which was attended by provincial, city and district level officials in East Java as well as law enforcement officials.

SUSTAIN Senior Advisor to the EU-UNDP project Gilles Blanchi said the various trainings carried out by the SUSTAIN project not only touched on legal issues but also issues related to ethics, which were broader in scope, and included perceptions of appropriateness.

“Training for judges and other employees in the court regarding anti-corruption laws and also the code of ethics may not be enough, but this is an important step towards the integrity and accountability of the justice system which is demanded by the public. Besides teaching laws regulating integrity, important but also discussing the issue of ethics, because what is “legal”, that is “not against the law”, may be unethical, so that it is inappropriate to be carried out by judges or court officials “.

The EU-UNDP Project Support to Justice Sector Reform in Indonesia (SUSTAIN) aims to support the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia in reforming the justice sector, improving the transparency, integrity and accountability of the justice system.

The project, which started in 2014 and will end in 2019, is funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP Indonesia. The project focuses on four sectors: enhancing the internal and external supervisory functions of the justice system, improving the technical capabilities of judges and court staff, strengthening human resource management systems and organizations and improving case management systems. [ER / FAH].