Autonomous Institution for Student Press Manifest Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University held Seminar & Workshop Anticipating Hoax and Penawarnya through Social Media Literation by three speakers namely Eko Widianto (Alliance of Indonesian Journalists), Eko Sasmito, S.H., M.H. (Chairman of KPU Jombang East Java) and Ngesti D. Prasetyo, S.H., M.Hum. (Lecturer of Constitutional Law Expert and Political Observer) each gave his presentation in accordance with the focus on the theme raised at this seminar. The first presentation by Eko Widianto as chairman of AJI he conveyed Hoax issues related to the present through mass media and social media as the battlefield in the digital era through the internet. He conveyed the distinctive characteristic of the difference between Press / Mass and Social Media that is both have differences on the results / output given the press has news output that adhere to the code of ethics and the behavior of the press from the work of journalism while the social media output produced in the form of information that must be in though and modified and its production can be done by any community, while the press media is only done by having the competence of journalist. Mainstream media use social media language by combining Hoax and Cyber ​​Crime in drowning facts. There are three types of news that are troubling one:

  1. Abal News
  2. Buzzer News
  3. News Hoax

The characteristics of hoax spreader media include:

The title is provocative, bombastic between titles and irrelevant content
Media hoax spreaders mimic major media
Documentation does not match the content of the news submitted
Tends to contain opinions, and unknown sources
There are many advertisements that are published
The absence of person in charge and the editorial address of the information submitted

Efforts and efforts to tackle this hoax can be done through or