Doctoral of Legal Science Program

Doctoral Program Doctor of Legal Science Program (Dr.) of Faculty of Law UB was established in 2001 and got Accreditation B from Board for Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Education and Culture. Mission

  1. Organizing education to improve the academic ability to find and develop the concept and/ or a new theory in the field of jurisprudence.
  2. Conducting research that is able to generate concepts and/ or theories for the development of jurisprudence.
  3. To develop the jurisprudence to the philosophical fundamentals to support the development in the field of law.


  1. To create Doctor of Legal Science who is able to develop jurisprudence through a philosophical research.
  2. To create Doctor of Legal Science who is able to conduct a research to develop jurisprudence that has Indonesian quality.
  3. To create Doctor of Legal Science who has social and environmental sensitivity, act and behave humanistic, ethical, and religious.

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